English for children 3-18 years

The best way to teach children is to make the lesson enjoyable and fun. No matter what their age is, if they do not enjoy their classes and they cannot feel comfortable to express themselves and be a little goofy with the teacher then they will enjoy the laason as much as they could otherwise. We teach English through song, games, coloring, exercise, toys, and puzzles. In short we have fun and we learn English together. We also proctice basic skills from catching and bouncing balls, to simple addition and subtraction when they are a bit older.

We realize that we not only have something to teach your children but each child has something to teach us as well. As each child is an individual and has specific needs we find creative ways to meet their needs and to bring all the kids together in fun and productive environment where the can learn and play together.

As the children get older and grow in their English so to will the classes they have continue to grow and mature with them making sure your child will always be challenged and continuously learning.  

As for the older children we have special classes from beginners, to conversation with a native speaker. We also help your child prepare for Maturita and other exams such as FCE, and PET. 



In case you are interested please fill in the application form of the course you have chosen. If the time is not convenient for you or if there is a note saying that the time will be specified, please contact us on info@wangleschool.cz or call 777 260 364.

Courses start during the whole year

Our courses last 17 weeks

Minimum number of students for a course to be opened is 4. If there are less students it is possible to open the course, but the number of classes will be reduced or the students can pay extra. Maximum number of students in a group is 10.


  • 1800 CZK pre-school children – 30min course
  • 2600 CZK school children conversation, grammar practice – 60min course
  • 2600 CZK preparation for maturita (high-school leaving examination) – 90min course
  • Textbooks are not included in the price