How to Conduct Effective Business Meetings

The course is designed not only for professionals in sales but also for those who use English to communicate and negotiate with foreign business partners and colleagues.

The course is practice-based:

Participants will learn several basic negotiation strategies along with relevant language skills. To practice and analyze the skills required for successful negotiation, we will use case studies, roleplaying and debates.

The seminar will focus on the following topics and related language skills:

1. Establishing Relationships

  • introduction
  • initial conversation

2. Problem-solving Approach

  • focusing on interests rather than views
  • finding solutions that are good for both parties

3. Preparing for Negotiation

  • interests
  • possibilities
  • standards
  • alternatives
  • suggestions

4. Negotiations in Difficult Situations

  • how to switch the dialogue from arguing to problem-solving

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